Thursday, September 2, 2010


In my spare time I love taking picutes. I have alot of photographs that I and people I know use for desktop wallpapers. When not posting about travel I will upload pictures that I feel would suit the purpose of being a desktop background.

Most are nature scenes, some of the night sky aswell as some of city and urban exploration. I have hundreds of them and will post about them with select few each week, and at the end of the week I will upload a compressed file with fifty of the best. You will be able to download the compressed file and pic out your favorites or just have a browse through them.

May even do some reviews on cameras and equipment best suited for travel, and or just general purpose photography.


  1. I love the pics on this blog

  2. What camera model you use?
    Epison 9X32?

    Can't we just use a universal camera, so much..
    Like really, so many cameras!
    I love photography but I hate the diversity --;
    Cameras cost a lot, and new models constantly...
    Kanon's the only one I got, & its cheap D:

    My god............. -- I want a camera now...

  3. Spectacular photos man also great post bro anyways just showing you some support take care

  4. yea I understand you bro

    remember to show me some love

  5. mad respect for a talented photographer.

  6. Can't wait to see some of these wallpapers your gonna put up =]

  7. Cool, just showing my daily love. This was cool. Check my stuff out man.

  8. showing some support!

  9. photography used to be a hobby of mine

  10. i have been looking to buy a digital SLR for a while so i could take high quality images and mess with them... what time of camera do you use.

    i have a blog on computers if you want to check it out in my profile.


  11. Next chance I get I will do some camera reviews for you guys.