Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Busy week

After such a great time at my companies conference, where I had minibar paid for, exquiset food and beaches surrounding- I've landed back with a pile of work on my desk. Multiple clients wondering where I have been for the past week after explicitly telling them I would be away.

People are amazing sometimes, I let them know well in advance that I would be away and uncontactable. I made sure all the work I could do up to that point would be done. Of course though they didnt get there part of the job done and it's my fault. Unfortunatly I took the precausion to warn everybody that I would be away, so they have no leg to stand on.

Just to kick them in the teeth a little I made sure that our email conversations were forwarded throughout the company, I don't expect anything out of it but at least these few people will be known to try and weasel their ways out of work.