Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some Pictures of Machu Pichu

This was very interesting, on the way to machu pichu there was a land slide so the bus could not get us to where they needed to start the hike. So we dared walk through jungle, on train tracks, over wooden bridges. It was all worth it however and an excellent experience, albeit a little cloudy when we reached the top.

Will make another post with pictures of the summit.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Poll added

Hey guys currently uploading some pictures of a trip to China. In the meantime I have created a poll you can vote on. I couldn't include all the countries I wanted in the poll but leave a comment if the country you would have voted for isn't on the poll.

Personally I think Africa has the best wildlife on offer because it has such a diverse range. Lots of deadly predators a huge array of birds and even fish.

My personal pick though would have to be the King.

Sand Boarding in Chile

One of the highlights of Chile for myself was sand boarding. With no snow around whats the harm in trying sand? Watch out for the instructors though, they wont help you unless you pay them, or share with them some pot...Quite comedic watching people stoned off their asses try and ride a snowboard down sand slopes.

Street Art

I have always had a love for graffiti that isn't just scribble of someones tag. It brings up thoughts about why the artist chose this particular place and this particular piece to paint. Graffiti can be a beautiful thing that can inject a lot of  culture in to an area. It can also be plain ugly and unsightly if just gang tags and kids with no desire to paint something decent.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Llamas of the Flats.

Heres some more pictures from the Salt Flats this time of Llamas.

Salt Flats

I will be putting up some more pictures in the comming days. I highly recommend visiting the salt flats in south america and if your looking for a tan you will get one in about an hour. It does get freezing cold however when the sun sets, so I recommend packing some good thermal underwear, socks, a nice fitting pair of knitted gloves. Make sure you climb the top of a mountain and get a naked picture aswell.

The locals are very friendly and will happily let you know where to go and what to do.

South american salt flats... cool town dude.

Route 36

What a night this was traveling through La Paz,Bolivia and discovered the Route 36 cocaine bar. Within minutes of knocking on the roller door and being let in by a short lady that looked to be around 60 yrs old, we had learned to unpack and repack our cigs with cocaine.

One of the best travel experiences if a little hazy, ending up with someones drivers license, a goblin ornament from the wall of the hall way as you enter the place. A friend missing for 12 hours.
All part of the south american itinery.

A useful Chart for when your going on a vacation.

This is a very useful chart that I had seen posted on another site. Having something like this when planning a vacation is very important as it allows you to organize everything.

Essential Travel Gear.

When ever traveling off the beaten path, its essential to have a decent pair of hiking boots, and a decent lightweight backpack.

A good tip I was taught when first starting out traveling was when buying a pair of hiking boots is to buy ones that you can comfortable wear with 2 layers of socks. This is to keep your feet warm and also helps with wet feet.

When picking a  backpack make sure its as lightweight as it can be and has plenty of pockets, with extra pockets it means you can divide your equipment so you can know where everything is stored, instead of all just chucked into the main part of the backpack.

The Great Australian Tour

In October I begin my tour of Australia. Seeking out the best the country has to often and hopefully finding some of the stranger places on offer too. If anyone has any suggestion would be glad to here them.

Cool Town Names From around the world dude

man this blog all about cool towns, towns im visit and stuff that im see in the life!