Monday, August 30, 2010

Poll added

Hey guys currently uploading some pictures of a trip to China. In the meantime I have created a poll you can vote on. I couldn't include all the countries I wanted in the poll but leave a comment if the country you would have voted for isn't on the poll.

Personally I think Africa has the best wildlife on offer because it has such a diverse range. Lots of deadly predators a huge array of birds and even fish.

My personal pick though would have to be the King.


  1. Africa certainly has the most diverse but I think Australia has the coolest!

  2. sad day for that water buffalo

  3. I would say that Africa has the most interesting animals.

  4. Whoa..I was thinking that lion was reproducing with the buffalo, for a second there

  5. I'm gonna go with Australia.

  6. Nice pictures
    Come check my blog!

  7. I will be honest with you. A lion will FUCK YOU UP like it is his job. Which it is. His job. To fuck you up.

  8. hi bro, nice post today..
    i'll sure keep coming to check the news
    so bring that shit up!
    also, i might post about that thing i told you tomorrow
    be sure to check it out
    take care :)